Most Influential Teacher

Class surveys are. a built-in function of Class Creator.  I am trying it out with this one survey to gage interest and also to learn how to use the software.

Reunions are going to be less and less likely now, and the march of time will continue to thin our ranks and those of our teachers.  This venue will allow us to discuss some of the things we might have brought up at a reunion, or force us to dig deep and consider things we hadn't considered in a long time.

Please go through the questions and be as forthcoming as possible.  Pour your hearts out; terseness is for teenagers.

This initial survey is to identify the single teacher who was the most influential during your time at Auburn.  You may or many not have realized it at the time, but it doesn't matter.  If he or she made an impression, let us know.

For this survey, I have set all the questions to require an answer.  I will adjust that feature later.

I suppose there might have been a teacher that influenced you negatively, but we'll tackle that in a separate survey.  Also, any staff at Auburn at the time is fair game, so if a counselor, custodian, or lunch lady stand out, feel free to list them.

Classmates will be able to view collective group results but WILL NOT be able to view each Classmate's specific answers. Individual answers are never displayed to site members for privacy purposes. 



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* Answer Required
1)   * Who was the single most influential teacher that you had or encountered at Auburn?

Check your yearbook or the guest section of this site. Most of the teachers are listed there.
2)   * What year did you have him or her for a class?

3)   * What aspect of the teacher most impressed you?

Teaching style
Knowledge of subject
Lack of homework
4)   * Describe what influence the teacher had on you and how it affected your life or career.

5)   * Did you ever have an opportunity to meet that teacher after graduation?

Yes No
6)   * Do you think the teacher realized his or her impact on you?

Yes No
7)   * Do you know any personal information about the teacher?

Age at the time
History of teaching career
8)   * Do you know if the teacher is still alive?

9)   * Was the teacher's impact on you immediate, or did it take some time to sink in?

10)   * What would you say to this person if you met them today?