Thoughts on Senior Year

This survey asks you  to look back on your senior year with forty years of perspective. 


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1)   Did you begin your senior year with a sense that it would be different than the previous three (or two if you had 9th grade at Wilson or another Junior High School)?

2)   Did you drive to school, take a bus, or were you driven?

3)   Rockford schools had an open campus policy that allowed students to leave the grounds at any time. Did you routinely leave Auburn for lunch or other purpose?

4)   When you entered senior year, did you have a clear plan for what you would do after graduation? If not, when did you decide your agenda for the fall of 1973?

5)   Were you glad or sad when your senior year came to an end?

6)   Knowing what you know now, is there a single circumstance during your senior year that you would change?

Different class or teacher
Attend more sporting events or school activities
7)   Are your memories of your senior year related more to: Students? Teachers? Activities? Classes?

8)   Did you eat lunch at the cafeteria your senior year?

Yes No
9)   Did you have any sense at the time that your senior year would mark a turning point in your life?

10)   Describe your activities leading up to graduation night. What was most memorable about the graduation ceremony?